Tern is a UK company based in Scotland – Glasgow and Aberdeen, and Northern Ireland – Belfast.

Our work wins audiences for BBC Network, BBC World News, BBC Northern Ireland, BBC Scotland, ITV, Channel 4, RTE, UKTV, Sky and National Geographic, and awards from BAFTA, RTS, Cine Golden Eagle, and Prix Italia.

Tern makes programmes for BBC Network History, Arts, Science, Religion and Documentaries, for ITV and BBC Current Affairs, and for Sky, UKTV, ITV, RTE and BBC features.

Tern's programmes are distributed internationally by DRG, BBC Worldwide, Passion and the Open University.

Tern's Digital department, The Story Mechanics, has produced websites for BBC and Channel 4 and has recently released The 39 Steps as an interactive book for iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

Tern is a company where creative people find the space to grow in a secure and affirming environment. Our programming is renowned for both its integrity and depth, and its entertainment.

The Story Mechanics

Interested in interactive storytelling and digital narrative? So are we. That's why we have set up a dedicated division to exploring its potential. Visit our blog site: www.thestorymechanics.com and following the development of Digital Adaptations and other interactive story experiences.

RTS Award (x2)

KNTV Philosophy & KNTV Sex

RTS Education Television Awards
"A highly original, clever and engaging programme with an extremely creative approach to the subject."