Partaig, baile ann am baile


BBC ALBA (6 x 30 mins)

BBC_Alba_logo.jpgBrand new series for BBC ALBA, this intimate 6 x 30 minute docu-soap is set in the precinct of Partick, the Gaidhealach heartland of Glasgow.  With regular ceilidhs and dances in the Partick Burgh Hall and with Gaelic signage set across this attractive urban landscape, and Gaelic spoken on a daily basis in the streets and in the shops….

…this is the Gaidhealtachd of Glasgow.

Partick.jpgThere are Gaelic speaking hairdressers, nurses and doctors, hoteliers, students and retired folk, taxi drivers, and bar staff to name but a few.  They are going about their daily lives in one of Scotland's most vibrant cities and we follow them to focus on ordinary life and explore the real life concerns that we all share; finance, family, future, romance…

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