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39steps_ad_n4g.jpgOur digital remake of John Buchan's The Thirty Nine Steps is now available for PC, Mac and iPad.

Step into the world of The 39 Steps and experience the incredible adventure of Richard Hannay like never before. Set in 1914, players are immersed in authentic settings, where they can explore locations and make choices as to how they wish to experience the story, orchestrating the action as it moves forward towards its thrilling climax. This the novel brought to life on gaming platforms, where all of the audiences' senses are used to retell the story, and bring its tale to life in a completely new way.

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"It is, in short, the most impressive example of interactive storytelling I've seen."

The Guardian / Observer

"Capturing the intrigue and mystery of the original book, The Thirty-Nine Steps is a visual and aural feast for interactive novel fans."

"The 39 Steps is a game that focuses on story rather than gameplay… It is a bold move for developer The Story Mechanics. Luckily for them, it works."

"Even if you've read The Thirty-Nine Steps or seen it onscreen, you've never experienced anything like this."

April's #1 Mobile App -

"Story Mechanics has spectacularly broken down the core elements of the gripping prose and expertly pieced everything back together in a mish-mash of styles that livens up the original work more so than could ever have been imagined."


"We loved it.  It creates an engaging and very unique way to experience the story."

"From the outset, this is a wonderfully atmospheric, immersive app. Richard Hannay's world is depicted through background illustrations that perfectly complement John Buchan's text"

The Literary Platform

"And herein resides The 39 Steps: Collector's Edition's majesty: it's not a videogame for everyone, but it's a videogame for everyone eager to pursue the notion that the interactive medium can enhance narrative structure."

"Hopefully we'll see more works of English literature done in the style of The 39 Steps."


"The Thirty-Nine Steps is a brand new reading experience that you will enjoy every step of the way making it worth picking up."


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